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White text in Dasha font saying Hello. I'm Sarah.
I am an artist. As a creator, one of my chosen mediums is photography.

Photography allows me to capture the intimacy and grace of those fleeting moments that make up motherhood.

Yet, photography is not my only medium.

I’m also living life as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a military wife and as an advocate volunteering time to worthy causes such as Honor Flight and The Carrying On Project (just to name a few).

And in the spirit of full disclosure: I’m a self-proclaimed music addict who’s obsessed with elephants. Having grown up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, naturally I’m also a crab-cracking, nature lover. I especially adore the beach and the Chesapeake Bay. Being in the windy, salty air of the ocean or bay makes me feel wide-open and full of possibilities!

Nothing turns me on more than cheering for the confidence, the courage or strength to believe in your self —to be comfortable being you! It may sound corny, even a little cliché — but it’s the truth.

No other cleverly worded phrase could express this simple fact:

I’m a Believer of living life on your own terms.
This makes me a bit of a cheerleader, a free-spirit.

And this free-spirit believes in the importance of family, of friends and, most importantly, of connecting with your true self. I believe listening to the voice of your true self and having the willingness to work, in whatever way is required. It honors your spirit, honors the divine and makes a fulfilled life.

We all have our own life path, lessons to learn, desires to fulfill and contributions to make to our families, friends, and to the world. I deeply feel its part of my path to inspire others to connect to their spirit, to feel confident in living life according to their own rules.
What is right for me (my personal truth) may be different for you (your personal truth). To me, that’s how it should be. It’s the very reason not all of us are doctors or plumbers or artists, for that matter. It’s also the very reason some mothers choose to breastfeed and babywear, while others do not.

Joy and well-being always follow your spirit’s guidance, even if in the short term it means that you will have hurdles to cross. And speaking of hurdles…I sometimes find motherhood a challenge.

I know of no other profession, than that of Motherhood, where you witness the sacred passing of time.

Blink, and your newborn is a toddler.

Yawn, and your toddler is running around the living room with pots and pans on their head making a game of flipping over the recliner (yes, that happened).

No doubt, the number of sleep-deprived nights make you wonder if you’ll know what it feels like to be rested ever again.

Everything has changed.

Quiet time is now sacred.

You’re a connoisseur of messy diapers, and you know just how well your child feels by gauging what is in them…

You think. This is my life? And yes. It is.

And yes, time is still ticking. They are still growing (so are we).
Time is what will erase all the details, all the long stretches of sleepless nights, small meltdowns and difficult days, that - let’s be honest - aren’t so much filled with grace as they are angst. That’s why I think Mothers witness the sacred passing of time.
Truth be told, it's why I love photography.

It’s when I’m behind the lens that I become more sensitive and more aware of the deeper, more meaningful currents that connect us to one another. And I love that!

I love that I’m able to step-outside myself and witness motherhood: the sacred beauty, the love, the intimacy and grace. But let’s face it – the earliest days of Motherhood are also some of the most stressful, chaotic and challenging.

Photography allows me to truly BE in the moment - to honor it and to capture it in all its glory. So we, Mothers, can reflect on our journey, where we began and just how far along we’ve come.

And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve already come a long way.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know a little bit about me. I’d be honored to get to know you.

With Much Love,
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