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Oh, Snap! Photography Workshop

Oh, Snap! is a photography workshop that teaches participants how to move off “auto” and “semi-auto” modes so they can begin to master shooting in manual mode on their camera. The Oh, Snap! photography workshop focuses on all aspects of the exposure triangle and covers important photography concepts, such as understanding the histogram and composition.

Get the most out of your DSLR camera and discover easy ways to take your family’s photos to the next level!

The Oh, Snap! photography workshop is great for anyone who is looking to learn their camera’s basic functions and for those who want to have more control over what happens in-camera. It’s the perfect photography class for parents who wish document their families, travelers who want to share what they’ve seen with the world, photography hobbyists who are excited to share what they’re captured, aspiring artists who are working towards their dreams, bloggers who are ready for a fresh perspective, and online shop owners who want their products to be display beautifully.

Only $100! Enroll now by e-mailing sarah@tinysparrowphotography.com.

List of what you'll learn at Oh, Snap! Photography Workshop with Tiny Sparrow Photography in Northern Virginia.
We will start with photography vocabulary and basic camera instructions in an indoor setting. After, we will then move outside to the beautiful historic town of either Alexandria or Occoquan, VA to practice using our cameras and taking photographs with our new knowledge. This hands-on approach to learning your DSLR camera allows you to get immediate feedback on your technique and will help you improve leaps and bounds even throughout our time together.
Each participant will receive a 20+ page digital workshop manual that includes diagrams and examples that are thoughtfully laid out and easy to replicate for learning assignments.

This Oh, Snap! photography workshop is taught by Sarah N. Case of Tiny Sparrow Photography. For further information on this photography workshop, please directly e-mail hello@tinysparrowphotography.com.

You MUST bring your own DSLR camera and memory card(s) in order to participate in this photography workshop.

List of free bonuses you'll receive when you take Oh, Snap! Photography Workshop with Tiny Sparrow Photography in Northern Virginia.

Come join others who have discovered how to get the most out of their camera.


Sunday, June 26: Occoquan, VA
Saturday, July 23: Occoquan, VA
Saturday, August 27: Occoquan, VA

*new dates are always being added


Only $100! Enroll now by e-mailing hello@tinysparrowphotography.com.

If you prefer to have more personalized instruction, Tiny Sparrow Photography offers also offers 1-on-1 and 1-on-2, as well as small, personalized group instruction settings. Please message hello@tinysparrowphotography.com for more information.